A Day In The Life Of…

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Never a dull day, everyday’s different than the next… I just figured I’d pull back the curtain a bit and show y’all what a “typical” day’s like for me using my favorite app, Instagram. Follow me on Instagram @naturel 

10am: Iced Americano No.1, phone call, & The Stuyvesants “Jefferson Ave. Theme

12pm: New Season, New Client = Work like the rent's due!
12:10pm: Giving this a try, shouts to @katosphere #clank
2pm: #momentous break... A lil Mini photo shoot for a lil Merch promo
2:10pm: a pause for the cause, I love my Sis man!
3pm: Makin' my cuzzin @Jhdmoses rap that verse I like... Yeah that boy good!
3:30pm: @dija_vu brought me a slice... how she know I was hongry?! = best assistant EVER!
3:35pm: Just found out they posted @estebanoffmg ReZound / Naturel Piece on YouTube!
4pm: Iced Americano No.2, @Jhdmoses pep talk, Project Pat "Chicken Head"
5:30pm: a quick Email, laptop, couch session
7pm: ... Ratchet shit
9:40pm: Connecting these dots in the Fashion District.
10:50 PM: Sangria at some place ion't need to be.
2am: Back in the Stuy, El Camino's, & Dr. Rick Marshall
3am: ZZZzzz


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